LTNLC is a Christian Nazarene school. Non-Nazarenes are admitted provided they participate in all religious activities that are required of the students. No exemption shall be granted by reason of membership in or affiliation with a different religion.

LTNLC reserves the right at any time to refuse to admit, or to re-admit student under certain conditions, as enrolment in LTNLC is a privilege.

A student’s application will be given due course when the student applicant meets all the academic standards and admission requirements and has none of the disqualification prescribed by LTNLC, the Department of Education, and pertinent laws.

NLC_Step _1

Fill out the Survey Form.

*Please skip if you have already answered

NLC_Step _2

Click Enroll and fill out Online Enrollment Form.

NLC_Step _3

Upload the following complete requirements (pdf/ jpeg):

NLC_Step _4

Select your preferred payment option and pay the minimum amount of PhP 1,500.00. Then, upload a scanned copy or a clear digital photo of payment receipt/proof.

*You are given 5 days to pay and upload payment receipt/proof after filling out the Online Enrollment Form. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

NLC_Step _5

Wait for confirmation that the student is officially enrolled through text message or email.